About Us / History

Roche Brothers Inc. is a family-owned company that produces and grows almonds and walnuts in the heart of California. In the mid 1940’s, a farming operation was started by Helen Roche in a small red barn with an old almond sheller. In 1963, Helen’s four young sons decided to start a small business and called it Roche Brothers. As Roche Brothers started their farming operation, they lost one of their brothers to a farming accident. Deciding to move forward, Roche Brothers started buying land and began offering custom farming for friends and local businessmen. In the mid 1980’s, Roche Brothers decided to expand their sheller and build a new plant that allowed them to handle both hulling and shelling.

Since then, all three brothers have brought the third generation into the company and have been improving the operation ever since. Today, Roche Brothers is continuously updating the huller sheller with new equipment and continues to offer farm management for the Central Valley. Roche Brothers Inc. prides itself in applying the old ways of doing things to new innovations in farming.

Mission Statement

Roche Brothers Inc. is committed to supplying the best customer service and the highest quality of work to our growers. Roche Brothers Inc. goals are to conduct business with the highest ethical conduct in all business dealings. Roche Brothers Inc. is also committed to its employees and our local communities.

Farm to Fork

At Roche Brothers Inc, we take pride in our farm to fork operation. Our Almond orchards have been in our family for over 50 years and our family members oversee the process from the field, to the huller. Each tree bears a harvest we are proud of for at the end of the day, we are the ones sharing it at the table with our family and friends. We are proud to say that each almond is hand inspected, processed and packaged here at our facility in Escalon, California.


1FDA Certified
Certified and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.
2Members of Almond Hullers & Processors Association
The Almond Alliance of California is dedicated to innovative leadership and advocacy, ensuring the sustainability and success of the California almond community. Find more on this at http://www.almondalliance.org
3Certified Satake Evolution Operators
Top-of-the-line color sorter operated by trained & Certified employees
4Certified In-House PCA’s
Pest management and pesticide application offered by In-House Certified PCA

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